Environmental Offenders Registry

The Environmental Offenders Registry contains information on convictions of corporations obtained under certain federal environmental laws. For more information on the types of convictions included in the registry and other enforcement measures that are taken against suspected violators, please refer to about the Environmental Offenders Registry.

This tool allows the media and the public to search for corporate convictions using keywords such as the name of the corporation and/or the legislation under which the conviction was obtained. Search results can then be refined using multiple criteria, including:

Additionally, all records contained in the registry can be downloaded using the "Export" feature found below.

Please note that use of the registry is subject to the notices described in about the Environmental Offenders Registry. The registry information is provided subject to the terms and conditions described on the Terms and conditions page.

Search the Environmental Offenders Registry

Enter a corporation name or keyword to search the Environmental Offenders Registry.

Export all records of the Environmental Offenders Registry

Click on the button below to export all records of the Environmental Offenders Registry to an Excel file.
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