Outidiam Ltée - conviction information for 2016-05-11

Corporation details
Corporation name: Outidiam Ltée
Address: 487 Churchill street
City: Granby
Province/territory: Quebec
Postal code: J2G 6Y3
Country: Canada
Sector or industry: 238 - Specialty trade contractors
Case details
Location of offense: 487 Churchill street, Granby, Quebec
Case summary: On May 11, 2016, Outidiam Ltée, a company specializing in the sale of specialized diamond-tipped tools, imported 1,360 kg of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) into Montreal between February 19, 2013, and March 6, 2013. HCFCs are ozone-depleting substances, prohibited under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA).
In violation of the Ozone Depleting Substances Regulations, 1998, one (1) charge for importing HCFCs was laid on December 17, 2014, the accused thus  committing the offence punishable on summary conviction set out in paragraph 272 (1)(h) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.
Enforcement notification:
Result: Guilty Plea
Date of conviction: 2016-05-11
Court level: Provincial and Territorial Court
Nature of offense(s):
  • Import or export without a permit,
  • Import of non-compliant products
Additional details about the nature of the offense: Importation of HCFCs
Legislative details
Act Regulations Section(s)
Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) Ozone-depleting Substances and Halocarbon Alternatives Regulations 272(1)h)
Date of sentencing: 2016-06-15
Location of sentencing: Montréal, Québec
  • Repair
Amount of fine(s): $38,809
Sentencing details:

On May 11, 2016, before the Court of Quebec, Outidiam Ltée pleaded guilty to an offence under paragraph 272(1)(h) of the CEPA and was ordered, on June 15, 2016, to:

· Pay to the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada, for Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada, the amount of $38,809 to compensate Her Majesty for the costs of the offence, namely storage and destruction of the prohibited substance.

· No longer import, sell or possess in any manner whatsoever HCFCs or other ozone-depleting substances; and

· Publish, at the offender’s expense, in both of Canada’s official languages, in the La Presse newspaper (paper and electronic versions), the full text of the offence notice within 30 days following the conviction.

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