GFL Environmental Inc. - conviction information for 2018-12-10

Corporation details
Corporation name: GFL Environmental Inc.
Address: 1070, Toy Avenue
City: Pickering
Province/territory: Ontario
Postal code: L1W 3P1
Country: Canada
Sector or industry: 418 - Miscellaneous merchant wholesalers
Case details
Location of offense: 1070, Toy Avenue, Pickering, Ontario
Case summary: Environment Canada Officers completed inspections pursuant to the Regulations between January 13, 2014, and November 27, 2014. Following the completion of inspections, it was determined that nine (9) dry cleaners had at least one container with PERC, waste water, or residue without an adequate secondary containment system and/or were missing PERC resistant drain plugs. An investigation into the PERC supplier GFL Environmental Inc. determined that all nine (9) dry cleaners were sold PERC by GFL Environmental Inc., when the dry cleaners did not have sufficient containment systems or PERC resistant plugs, contrary to the Regulations.
Charges under Tetrachloroethylene (Use in Dry Cleaning and Reporting Requirements) Regulations.

Count 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 – s. 5(f)(i)

Counts 3,6,8 – s. 5(f)(ii)
Enforcement notification: North American environmental services provider pleads guilty and fined for violating environmental regulations
Result: Guilty Plea
Date of conviction: 2018-12-10
Court level: Provincial and Territorial Court
Nature of offense(s):
  • Other
Additional details about the nature of the offense:
Legislative details
Act Regulations Section(s)
Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) Tetrachloroethylene (Use in Dry Cleaning and Reporting Requirements) Regulations s.5 (f)(i)
Date of sentencing: 2018-12-10
Location of sentencing: Oshawa, Ontario
  • Penalty for the EDF
Amount of fine(s): $300,000
Sentencing details:
The 10th day of December, 2018, before the Ontario Court of Justice in Oshawa Ontario, GFL Environmental Inc. plead guilty to selling PERC to dry cleaners located in Richmond Hill and Cambridge, ON that did not have adequate secondary containment systems in place. GFL Environmental Inc. was sentenced to pay $300,000 to the EDF within 15 days. GFL Environmental Inc. was also order to publish the facts surrounding the conviction on their website. All other charges against the company or individuals were withdrawn.
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