150 Montréal-Toronto Inc. - conviction information for 2020-10-05

Corporation details
Corporation name: 150 Montréal-Toronto Inc.
Address: 407 McGill Street
City: Montreal
Province/territory: Quebec
Postal code: H2Y 2G3
Country: Canada
Sector or industry: 551 - Management of companies and enterprises
Case details
Location of offense: 150 Montréal-Toronto boulevard, Montreal, Quebec
Case summary: Between February 20, 2015, and January 30, 2018, the company did not store at a PCB storage site the PCBs or products containing PCBs (ballasts) that had not been used daily for more than 30 days.

1 count: 19 (1)b) of the PCB Regulations
Enforcement notification: Two companies in Quebec fined a total of $75,000 for breaching the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
Result: Guilty Plea
Date of conviction: 2020-10-05
Court level: Provincial and Territorial Court
Nature of offense(s):
  • Other
Additional details about the nature of the offense: Storage of PCBs
Legislative details
Act Regulations Section(s)
Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) PCB Regulations 19 (1)b)
Date of sentencing: 2020-10-05
Location of sentencing: Montreal, Quebec
  • Fine,
  • Penalty for the EDF
Amount of fine(s): $50,000
Sentencing details:
On October 5, 2020, before the Court of Quebec, 150 Montréal-Toronto Inc. pleaded guilty to one count of contravening paragraph 19(1)(b) of the PCB Regulations for not storing PCB equipment at a PCB storage site.
The company was fined a total of $50,000.
All these fines will be directed to the Environmental Damages Fund.

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