Drever Agencies, Inc. - conviction information for 2020-02-18

Corporation details
Corporation name: Drever Agencies, Inc.
Address: 4925 51 Street
City: Camrose
Province/territory: Alberta
Postal code: T4V 1S4
Country: Canada
Sector or industry: 447 - Gasoline stations
Case details
Location of offense: 5020 56 Street, Wetaskawin, Alberta
Case summary:

Drever Agencies Inc., operating as Wetaskiwin Bulk Sales, sells gasoline, diesel fuel, and related products in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. On August, 20, 2017, Drever Agencies Inc. discovered that approximately 1,800 litres of Petrosol had been released from one of their above-ground storage tanks. The tank did not have secondary containment around it, so most of the tanks contents flowed into an adjacent storm drain, which empties into an unnamed creek.  

Petrosol is an oil-based solvent with a variety of uses, including degreasing automotive parts, thinning paint, and dry cleaning clothing. A sample of Petrosol taken from the site following the release was determined to be acutely lethal to fish. 458 dead fish, including Brook Stickleback and Fathead Minnow, were found downstream in the creek following the release. The creek flows into Pipestone Creek, which in turn flows into the Battle River. Brook Stickleback and Fathead Minnow are prey for Northern Pike and Walleye downstream in Pipestone Creek, where many community members fish for these sportfish species.



Count 1:  On or between August 19 and August 22, 2017, at or near the City of Wetaskiwin in the Province of Alberta, did deposit or permit the deposit of a deleterious substance of any type in water frequented by fish or in any place under any conditions where the deleterious substance or any other deleterious substance that results from the deposit of the deleterious substance may enter any such water, contrary to subsection 36(3) of the Fisheries Act R.S.C., 1985, c. F-14, as amended, and did thereby commit an offence under subsection 40(2) of the Fisheries Act

Enforcement notification: Fisheries Act offence results in $1.25 million fine for Alberta-based fuel retailer
Result: Guilty Plea
Date of conviction: 2020-02-18
Court level: Provincial and Territorial Court
Nature of offense(s):
  • Allowed the deposit of a deleterious substance
Additional details about the nature of the offense:

Legislative details
Act Regulations Section(s)
Pollution Prevention provisions (subsection 36(3)) of the Fisheries Act
Date of sentencing: 2020-02-18
Location of sentencing: Wetaskiwin
  • Penalty for the EDF
Amount of fine(s): $1,250,000
Sentencing details:

On the 18th day of February, 2020 before the Provincial Court of Wetaskiwin, Alberta Drever Agencies, Inc. pleaded guilty to a charge under s.36(3) of the Fisheries Act and was sentenced to a fine in the amount of $1,250,000.00, which is to be directed to the Environmental Damages Fund and will be paid in full on or before August 18, 2020.

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